Amber Heard: A Crash Course in Toxic Femininity

Johnny Depp Stencil Art on Flickr. Image Edited by Author

In all honesty, I did not want to add to the Depp vs. Heard conversation. I kept resisting as much as I could. You could tell by how many times you asked me about it, and you’re only reading it now.

My thoughts were; what can one possibly add to it? Everyone and their mother, dog, and parrot shared their two cents. I stay silent on many things these days. There are so many opinions about everything, we can’t even get to the really good ones, how over-saturated the opinion market is.

I was totally ok to pass on this, but the aftermath of this trial is even more troublesome than the actual event we witnessed for 6 weeks. It’s been 2 weeks and change since the verdict, and this thing grew troubling legs. Amber’s appalling interview on Friday. Creating agendas out of this unfortunate relationship.

Instead of this just being their story, it became an agenda for idiots on each side. The right-wing now claims Johnny as its hero, claiming he single-handedly ended (well, we saw plenty of hands on that stand) the #MeToo movement, and he’s now a poster boy for white male oppression; I totally get it, it was an about time someone really started a conversation about all the struggles plaguing white males around the world.

The other side is equally laughable; the hysterics camouflaged in worry about how Amber now ruined it for all the actual victims of domestic abuse, like it’s hard to see the difference between an actual victim and an antagonizer.

We should totally be able to hear about something, have an opinion, realize we are just bystanders looking in, learn something out of it, and go our merry way.

Why are we creating agendas? Why are we appropriating this unfortunate relationship?

Amber’s first mistake was not understanding who she is dealing with. Mediocre, but unbelievably confident about nothing, like most Millennials; don’t get insulted if you are a Millennial, of course there are great ones, but overall there is no other generation that has as many of its members thinking they deserve to be known, famous, notorious, successful, rich, but without an actual effort or talent required to get there.

They think some lazy, mediocre attempt of an effort will get you big things. It’s almost insulting.

I want to be honest with you, I’m not smoking Johnny Depp as the rest of ya’ll. Yes, he was the most beautiful thing to walk his earth in his best days. Yes, we all devoured 21 Jump Street and thought, how can that face be real? He was sexy and beautiful and charming, all at the same time.

I then got older, and I wound offense in Johnny’s ways.

I first started having “trouble” with Johnny after his involvement in River Phoenix’s death. I’m a 90’s child, back then, his death was the equivalent of Harry Styles dying now. He was that talented and loved.

All the people involved in it in 1993. did not expect people would be researching it, in decades to come. Their arrogance in covering this up is astounding. And Johnny is at the forefront of it.

I don’t have much space to get into all the details here, but if you are interested in one of the most puzzling deaths in Hollywood, you should check out the legendary article by Jessica Dune — “The Curious Death of River Phoenix”, where she clocked in 8 months worth of research into all the details that led to his death. It’s a mind-blowing read.

In short, River Phoenix was a superstar in the ’90s. Nominated for Oscar at only 18 years old, remember how you all love and admire Leo Di Caprio? And Leo fangirled only one person, in his own words — River Phoenix. Leo would not have his career today if River lived. All his roles planned or written for River, went to Leo, after his death.

Basketball Diaries were written for River, Total Eclipse was offered to River, and James Cameron said — Titanic was written for River. Or in the words of Jessica Dune: “River Phoenix? Made DiCaprio look like a damn dictionary.” Check out the River Phoenix theory, in regards to Leo’s career today.

Not to mention Brad Pitt, who snapped up roles meant for River left and right (Legends of the Fall, Interview with a Vampire).

You get the scope.

River Phoenix died in front of the Viper Room, a club owned by Johnny Depp. He was invited to come to play on stage with Johnny, his band P, some guys from Tom Petty’s band, Flea and John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers. He came down to Viper Room with his guitar, got on stage, where Johnny Depp told him to “get off the stage” because the stage was “too crowded”. By the account of many people there that night, Depp didn’t want him to perform because River “would get all the attention”.

What happens next is the most puzzling story of my entire existence: River got down the stage pissed off for having to come for nothing, he sat in his booth when John Frusciante, a guitarist of Chili Peppers came up to him with a Dixie Cup with 8 x the lethal dose of speedball (mix of liquid cocaine and heroin) and told him — “down this, it will calm you down”. Not taste, not sip, but DOWN THIS. The 8 times the lethal dose.

Who sent the cup to River Phoenix? Who gave it to John Frusciante and told him to give it to River? A billion-dollar question, that is not waning for nearly 30 years.

Johnny Depp says he has nothing to do with River’s death. Many claim he does. Even Rolling Stone magazine asked him about being the person that sent a Dixie cup with 8 times the lethal dose of speedball to River, through a godamn John Frusciante.

Did you ever hear anyone overdose with friends and family next to them?

People overdose because they were doing drugs alone and there was no one around them to call 911. River was in Viper with Johnny, Flea, and John Frusciante of Chili Peppers, his sister Rain, brother Joaquin Phoenix, and girlfriend Samantha Mathis. When they saw him convulsing on the floor, after THEY handed him the 8 x lethal dose of speedball, instead of calling 911 or taking him to the Cedar Sinai hospital that was literally down the road from the Viper Room, Johnny got bouncers to throw River out of the club to be convulsing on the dirty street outside, like a dog. Liability? Jealousy?

The night he died, outside Johnny Depp’s club, the paparazzi that saw the whole thing claimed no one called 911. His sister Rain was on top of him, and Joaquin did nothing. It took him 7 minutes to call 911 from a nearby liquor store and only did so because the paparazzi kept yelling at Joaquin: “He’s dying, you gotta call 911”.

He finally did, but kept lying to the paramedics River didn’t take any drugs, was actually having a seizure, and he was epileptic. For all of you Joaquin lovers, the paparazzi went on record confirming this. The video is chilling.

There are many articles, videos, testimonies, and books published over the last 3 decades published with people saying what they saw that night.

Everyone covered it up.

Johnny never got fined for having drugs openly circulate in his club or for having two minors, Rain and Joaquin Phoenix, under age, in Viper Room. All of the parties involved shared the same layer, John Frusciante was never arrested or held responsible for River’s death, Rain Phoenix got the job as a backup singer for the Chili Peppers and Johnny kept claiming he had no clue what was happening in the club.

Rain and Joaquin flew to Florida that night so they could not be questioned by police. No reports are filed. River’s family asked for no investigation.

They all painted River a junkie (his autopsy report shows no signs of prior drug use, not even weed) and never spoke about him until Joaquin needed to campaign for his Oscar and dared to quote his brother on stage after waiting 7 minutes to call 911, to save his life.

This was a lot, I know. I have been waiting for a long time to unload this.

Let’s say there were all young, drugged up and this was an unfortunate mistake? Could you at least respect River’s legacy and finally say what happened that night, 30 years and counting?

Fucking. Just. Tell. Us.

You did not know about this, I know.

You also did not know about Anthony Fox. He was Johnny’s partner in Viper Room and slapped him with a lawsuit alleging Johnny had conspired to divert millions in profits from The Viper Room.

Per the Radar Online “in a preliminary ruling early in 2003, a judge indicated Fox would prevail in the case. But Fox went missing shortly before he was scheduled to testify against Depp. Also missing were his pickup truck and .38-caliber revolver. His body has never been found.”

Disclosure: If I disappear after this article is published, please go look for me in the California desert.

Why did I tell you all this?

To show you I dislike how Johnny Depp does things and what he gets involved in. I could hate him for something personal that means to me and be biased in his trial with Amber. I can say, he probably abused her, look what he has a history of maybe, possibly doing.

I gotta be honest with you, when I first heard about this whole mess between Amber and Johnny, I thought — finally, karma’s gonna getcha; but as much as I wanted him to get confronted about something, looking at more and more facts, I could not in my right mind conclude he abused her.

This world is currently dubious because we don’t really think anymore. We just insert our opinions into every situation we hear about, and instead of basing our opinion on research or logic, we base it on our own emotions or feelings. And oftentimes, on our subjective experiences.

I could wish Johnny is an abuser so someone takes him down for not calling 911 for River, but I worked on myself mega hard, like Johnny’s mega cup of wine; and the facts can not be twisted just because I have some emotions. Or anyone else.

Johnny Depp is an icon. Even with all the things I said he might have done; he is an icon. A Gen X icon, the generation that actually knows how to get shit done. The Generation you should be afraid of. We don’t do things halfway. We didn’t have the treatments or medications for mental health you have now, we had to raw-dog mental health, and learn how to cope with it ourselves. We had Boomers for parents for crying out loud, and if that alone is not enough; we were left to our own devices which makes us fucking animals, and survivors.

The reason why we just watched 6 years of a shitshow and 6 weeks of a trial is because Amber Heard thought she could actually take him.

Mediocrity is always the loudest.

Johnny Depp is an icon. And he dated all icons. Amber Heard wanted to be an icon. She wanted to be associated with something she’s not, of another more icon-like time. It’s rare nowadays, that level of iconry (I know it’s not a word, humor me here, I like the sound) can only be seen today in the likes of Harry Styles, Zendaya, or Timothee Chalamet, per se.

She wanted to be put in the same sentence with Kate Moss and Winona Ryder.

When you can’t reach a level of icon-like existence, by talent or charm or both, a good way is to try to be notorious because of something. Insert a lazy, mediocre Millennial, and a half-assed attempt at it.

Remember Jussie Smollett, a gay and black actor on Empire that paid his two black friends to pretend beat him and put a noose around his neck, so he can claim sexual and racial violence, after which he got on stage at Troubadour and said to the audience, and I quote — “I’m like gay Tupac!”

These clowns can not even properly organize a hoax! If you’re trying to scam your way to notoriousness, please just put some effort into it. Plan it right. Invest some time and actual brain power into it. Spend real money. Do not hire your black friends for the racial hoax and pay them a measly $3500 each. Of course they ratted you out.

This clown literally thought he can just walk around his hood a few laps, buy a sandwich in Subway (the sandwich survived the “assault” in hands, mind you), pay his friends peanuts to rough him up a bit, and sail his way into Tupac level of legend?

I’m insulted by how lazy these people are.

Someone said online the other day that the women saw through Amber’s lies first. Well, it’s hard for a woman to fool other women. Men usually believe loads of crap.

The first sign of Amber not really being a victim here but a seeker of icon status was her op-ed, where she didn’t call herself a victim of abuse, but a “public figure representing abuse”.

Like another case of a lazy Millennial, she thought she can send a few pics in, rough herself a bit, file a restraining order, call TMZ, publish an op-ed, hop on the #MeToo train, and voila — the icon is born. A public figure representing abuse, and also a Mother Theresa who gave all her divorce settlement money to charity, and made sure you know about it.

It’s so lazy it’s making me ill.

Johnny was sleeping for a long time. Boozing and doing drugs at 28 years old while bar hopping on Sunset while looking like God is a bit different than at 55. The shit you put in your body catches up with you. People who do loads of drugs and drink a lot think it all goes somewhere out of your body, once you ingest it. It doesn’t. It stays and piles up.

He was boozing and sleeping, both figuratively and literally. I was a bit surprised he let her get away with it for as long as he did, being who he is. She was running around claiming abuse while collecting icon points, and he was just taking it. Half asleep. His self-loathing and apathy are what got him to this point.

But since Johnny actually belongs to an actual icon sort, he remembered who he is, what he can do, and he blossomed from a boozy fucked up drunk to a charming motherfucker you saw on the stand for 6 weeks.

That was pure artistry, what he did there.

He understood, in order to get his truth across, he needs to tell THE WHOLE truth, for once in his entire fucking life. The ugliest parts of it. And in some strange way, I didn’t hate it.

After decades of bullshitting, presenting to the public something much lighter than his actual dark persona, this motherfucker finally told some truths.

I hate drunks and people who are incoherent, loopy, messy; but this was somehow groundbreaking for me, the fact he just owned all his issues, and problems. I’m messy but I’m also charming — I think it’s the only time in his life he actually showed all of what he is.

“Yes I did assault a couple of cabinets” — was a poignant but powerful breaking point for me. I was a mess, yes, but I did not assault her, I did, though, some cabinets.

Which usually is a sign he’s trying to slam everything around, and express his frustration on objects around, and not the person. If he was a domestic abuser, there is no way he would be slamming cabinets for 15 minutes, and not strike her.

I grew up with a hitter, trust me, I know.

Let’s talk about the other side a bit.

Hysterics about Amber ruining it for all the real victims of abuse, and killing the #MeToo movement. Let me tell you right away, I have tons of issues with #MeToo. I’m sure they helped women along the way, but I strongly think #MeToo was formed to take out Harvey Weinstein, by his competitors.

When I say — I think, I never just think something. When I say think it’s probably 60 + hours of research involved in my thinking. And I put in many, many hours in the mystery of #MeToo.

Hear me out — never in the history of planet earth did a movement rally up so powerfully to destroy an abuser. Harvey Weinstein was so powerful; it would probably take another lifetime for another producer to be as successful as him. He ran everything. Everyone. The only way to take him out was this.

Don’t ever think someone just tried to get justice for these women, and that was the purpose of it. The purpose was to take Harvey Weinstein out of business, and they helped some women along the way. Harvey monopolized Hollywood, this was never about women. It’s about removing him, so others can take a piece of that cake.

After they took him, lots of people, myself included, tweeted daily to #MeToo, to take on Bryan Singer next. After all, they promised to take on all the abusers in Hollywood. No one ever got a reply from #MeToo. I sent messages and messages, no one ever replayed to me. I sent tweets, I sent emails. Nothing. I saw hundreds of people tweet to #MeToo about Bryan Singer, no response. Not even a retweet.

Bryan Singer is a director of a few of the best movies ever made: Apt Pupil, The Usual Suspects, Valkyrie, X-Men, Star Trek, Bohemian Rhapsody, and so on. He’s also a pedophile and a sexual predator that held a mansion in Encino, CA, with his predator friends where a plethora of teenage boys accused him of drugging them, plying them with alcohol at 13, threatening them with weapons, then raping them, while passing them around to their friends to also rape them, on daily basis.

It’s the most gruesome abuse story I have ever heard. These were children.

Bryan Singer’s assaults date from 1997 to 2019. No one ever stopped him. The boys reported these experiences left them psychologically damaged, with substance abuse problems, depression, and PTSP.

Brad Renfro, the star of Apt Pupil, a beautiful kid from The Client and a superstar of the 90s, also raped by Bryan — overdosed, and died as a result of his constant abuse. Another boy died. Another boy is paralyzed from the neck down for life after being plied with drugs and alcohol since 13 years old. All of them are on drugs, destroyed for life, trying to get justice, but are unable because of the statute of limitations, as well as being financially unable to take Bryan Singer.

The Atlantic took Bryan on by publishing an article about his abuse; nothing happened as a result. A documentary has been made about Bryan Singer’s abuse, An Open Secret; nothing happened as a result.

If the abuse wasn’t enough, Bryan Singer and his team are torturing these boys even today, preventing them from filing lawsuits by finding stuff like their bankruptcies, their immigration issues, and so on to blackmail and prevent them from suing him today and getting justice.

Bryan singer literally left the Chernobil in his wake, in these boys’ lives.

Why doesn’t #MeToo financially help these boys, now men to sue? Why doesn’t #MeToo expose him at the very least? After Harvey, everyone would listen.

#MeToo knows about Bryan Singer. Why doesn’t it rally as it did for Harvey Weinstein, and take down a pedophile that has been ruining the lives of boys, children, for two decades now? It’s how I know this movement is for shit; why doesn’t it give voice to these boys? The women that were abused by Harvey Weinstein were all grown women that chose to go to those hotel rooms.

How is it ok to protect grown women but not children? These boys were CHILDREN, doesn’t that matter even more? How do we protect women that had a choice and not boys that didn’t have any choice or were too young to protect themselves?

Amber Heard did not ruin anything for actual victims of domestic abuse.

If anything, I think she did the complete opposite. Seeing her on that stand actually shows you the blatant difference between someone being actually abused and someone that is genuinely surprised he took her on and wants to clear his name. The audacity on him!

What she did show, however, is how toxic femininity looks, in action. You do not taunt or provoke or make fun of your abuser; you are afraid for your dear life! You don’t breathe next to him, you are trying to be invisible to not catch his wrath; you do not belittle him or provoke him or take his pictures.

The actual victim has one mission — being believed. The hardest part for every victim is trying to prove she was abused. The actual victim has one mission — finding anything to show to the court that can confirm her being abused, the actual victim is begging you to look at all she can come up with that PROVES her being abused.

Amber Heard was on that stand trying to do the opposite, she was playing word games and mental games with Johnny Depp’s lawyers, she wasn’t begging us to show us the proof she might have, instead, she spent 6 weeks avoiding straight answers about her own photos or dates of abuse she herself submitted to the court. She did a half-assed job collecting “evidence” thinking she will get tried in a court of TMZ and not in the real court of LAW.

She did not expect real lawyers, and great ones at that, to be questioning her every step.

I’m breaking my brain as to why she would do all this. She could have gone out of this marriage with a better career, a more known name, more famous by association, and have a much better career as a result. She could have had the world at her palm.

I think she genuinely did not expect he would do this; I think she was jealous of what he is, an icon, something she wants to be but without an effort.

How else would you explain her antagonizing him with words like:


“A Joke”

“A Sellout”

“Washed up piece of shit”

I mean, are we antagonizing people for being old now? Can people not age? Does she think she’s permanently young? Why doesn’t this dumb generation understand old bodies are not something someone picked, height and size are something you’ll have for the rest of your life, but age isn’t. You too, honey, are headed there. Quicker than you think.

The only genuine sentence that came of out Amber Heard’s mouth this whole trial, was when Camille Vasquez, Johnny’s lawyer asked her: “You didn’t think he would tell the world he’s a victim of domestic violence, did you?”

And Amber responded:

“I found it hard to believe that he could or that he would do that considering the relationship he and I had, I though it would be crazy for him to do so, knowing what I know we lived through.”

I’ll translate this for you: I found it hard to believe, given I’m a dumb Millennial, Johnny Depp, a legend who now is a drunken, drugged-out mess that had ice cream dripping while sleeping will concentrate enough to actually sue me for trying to become this notorious public persona that is trying to raise her profile by lying about his drunken, drugged up mess because I deserve to be this huge public persona. He’s just old and washed-up mess who is not important here, he’s just a means to my end.

This piece of work of a woman is ACTUALLY surprised that he woke up and decided to take her on; like his existence is only there to benefit hers? Her puzzled face on that stand was the only genuine thing about her, she was genuinely puzzled this happened to her and someone decided to hold her accountable for her actions.

She thought it’s easy, just a few bruises here and there, call TMZ, and voila. The legend is born.

I dislike many things about Johnny Depp but I’m grateful he showed these people of today you can not just run around and manipulate the world into being someone, you actually need to put the work in, to be someone.

He applied himself to 6 weeks of grueling, uncomfortable trial to get his truth out.

She could never.

What offends me most about this trial is people claiming Amber was not believed because “she was not a perfect victim”. I do actually think that the people, women saying that are disrespecting the actual victims. An actual, not perfect, but an actual victim remembers the day, time, and place of her assault, she knows where she was standing, where he was standing, and what clothes he wore. And it’s the event she will not ever forget.

You didn’t even have to watch the whole trial to clearly see she is not an actual victim desperately trying for a court to see her evidence but an instigator who, once called up on the stand by very capable Depp lawyers, only tried to not get caught in a direct lie, by circling around the facts like an animal caught in a cage.

Example 1 (Rings)

CAMILLE: “So Mr. Depp hit you in the face multiple times while he was wearing rings on this occasion, correct?”

AMBER: “Which occasion in March are you referencing?

CAMILLE: ”The testimony that you gave, on day 15 of this trial, march of 2013, you weren’t specific as of the day.”

AMBER: “There were several incidents.”

CAMILLE: “The one where he hit you several times in the face.”

AMBER: “Uhm, there were….there were….sorry…so I just understand better…there were several incidents in March, which one are you asking me about?”

CAMILLE: “The time where he hit you several times in the face wearing rings.”

AMBER: “Well, he pretty much always…”

CAMILLE: “The march of 2013.”

AMBER: “Right, what’re you asking me, I’m sorry?”

CAMILLE: “He was wearing rings on that occasion?”

AMBER: “I pretty much always knew him to wear rings.”

Summary: So you said he hit you in the face many times while wearing rings, and on this occasion, which occasion, on the 15th day of the trial you said he hit you, there were many times, which is the one you talked about in your testimony, uhm sorry, just so I understand better, which one you are asking me about, that time you said he hit you several times, right, what are you asking me sorry?

Everyone that could hear this and not find her dubious is not of a sound mind, or has an agenda.

I was never abused but I had a very intense relationship, with daily substance abuse fuckery and mess, and once in New York while staying in a friend’s place, her very light apartment with white fluffy carpets, my then-boyfriend was wrestling me about some bullshit and I caught my finger on his necklace that was a silver hook and I cut open my finger. He was mortified I got hurt and he took his necklace and cut his finger on purpose so we bleed together. Instead of helping me with my cut, now we were both bleeding and dripping on my friend’s white plush carpet, it was 7 pm, he was wearing black army pants and boots, with an olive green button-down shirt and I was barefoot in jeans and a black sweatshirt. I won’t tell you the exact date so you don’t track who he is, but that date is engraved in my mind until the end of times.

This is remembering the actual traumatic event. Not that the scar on my finger would let me forget.

Example 2 (Lip)

Note — This is my favorite one. This is the absolute no words to explain what this is and that someone is actually capable of having this rhetoric while being considered of a sound mind.

CAMILLE: “You testified to another incident, march 2013 where Mr. Depp hit you while wearing a lots of rings. You remember that testimony?”

AMBER: “Yes ma’am.”

CAMILLE: “You testified you felt like your lip went through your teeth and it got a little blood on the wall.”

AMBER: “Yes, I remember that.”

CAMILLE: “There isn’t a picture of you with injuries after that alleged incident, is there?”

AMBER: “I don’t know if I’ve seen one, uhmm, I have… I can’t recall, there are lots of pictures.”

CAMILLE:”You didn’t produce any photographs after that alleged incident, did you Miss Heard?”

AMBER: “I don’t know if I took one or if its included, I’m not quite sure which ones.”

CAMILLE: “You didn’t show any pictures to this jury after describing that alleged incident that your teeth, your lip went into your teeth, you don’t remember that?

AMBER: “I don’t believe I’ve seen that picture admitted.”

CAMILLE: ”That picture doesn’t exist.”

AMBER: “I don’t know which one are you talking about, there were, we have pictured from March 2013, yes.”

CAMILLE: “The only picture that you’ve produced and shown to this jury is the one that was just put up on the screen where you said he hit you multiple times in the face, and you appeared to have what is a bruise on your arm, correct?”

AMBER: “I believe this is the only picture that’s in evidence right now.”

CAMILLE: ”Your nose doesn’t appear to be injured in any of these pictures, does it Miss Heard?”

AMBER: ”That’s why I’m wearing make-up.”

CAMILLE: “And make up covers up swelling, right?”

AMBER: ”Make up will not cover swelling, ice will though.”

CAMILLE: ”Ice will cover up swelling?”

AMBER: “Ice reduces swelling, normally the swelling after that kind of injury is not as bad as you might imagine and for me it wasn’t that bad. I have a picture of it underneath the make up, thats how I know how to reference it.”

CAMILLE: “A picture that you haven’t produced or showed to this jury.”

AMBER: “I did. I absolutely, I produced everything.”

CAMILLE: “But you haven’t shown it to this jury.”

AMBER: “I would very much like to. It’s not my job.”

Summary: Can someone with a sound mind really hear this testimony and have doubts about Amber Heard not being punched in the face? A woman who documented everything, and has a picture of a bruise on her arm on the same day her teeth went through her lip but she did not take a picture of teeth through the lips, just the bruise?

Example 3 (Doctor)

CAMILLE: “This medical record doesn’t document any physical injuries on you, does it?”

AMBER: “Uhm, I have to read it in full, but I, I don’t know.”

CAMILLE: “Well, lets do that. Under skin — it reads intact.”

AMBER: “I think this medical record is missing a lots of things.”

CAMILLE: “Yeah, it doesn’t document any physical injuries.”

AMBER: “Doesn’t seem to be documented anything.”

CAMILLE: “Probably because there is nothing to document, right Miss Heard?”

AMBER: “I disagree with you on that.”

Summary: There is a medical record from that day that doesn’t document any physical injuries on you. I disagree with you on that.

I think I’ll go to my bank tomorrow and claim I have a million dollars on my account and when the teller tells me I’m so sorry you don’t have a million on your account, I will tell her — I don’t agree with you on that, and just walk out with the money.

Example 4 (Ice Cream)

CAMILLE: “You seem to really like taking a pics of Mr. Deep while he’s sleeping, dont you?”

AMBER: “I hated it, hated it.”

CAMILLE: “You decided to take a pic of him nooding of with ice cream dripping.”

AMBER: “I was worried about how bad the medications or drugs use had gotten, and it scared me.”

CAMILLE: “So you took a picture of him.”

AMBER: “Yes I wanted him to get help.”

CAMILLE: “This isny very flattering picture or Mr. Depp, isnt it? Woud you agree with me this is an embarassing scene?”

AMBER: “Yes, thats a part of getting gelp, looking at it.”

CAMILLE: “But you sent this picture to one of your friends.”

AMBER: “I dont recall.”

AMBER: “I was asking for support.”

CAMILLE: “There’s no question yet.”

CAMILLE: “So you send this picture of him to your friend?”

AMBER: “That is correct.”

CAMILLE: “This is you protecting Mr. Depp?”

AMBER: “This is me getting suport.”

CAMILLE “This is you suporting Mr. Depp?”

AMBER: “This is me getting a suppot from my best friend. This is me getting support. I also need support.”

Summary: My husband is a mess and I need support in trying to protect him by sending his pics around that I don’t recall sending.

Example 5 (Pledge)

CAMILLE: “Sitting here today you still haven’t donated the 7 million divorce settlement to charity. Isn’t that right?”

AMBER: “Incorrect. I pledged the entirety of the settlement of 7 million to charity and I intend to fulfill those obligations.”

CAMILLE: “Thats not my question.”

AMBER: “What was your question?”

CAMILLE: “Try to answer my question. Sitting here today you have not donated the 7 million dollars, donated, not pledged, donated the 7 mill divorce settlement to charity.”

AMBER: “I use pledge and donation synonymously with one another. They are the same thing. Thats how donations are paid.”

CAMILLE: “Thats not my question.”

AMBER: “I have not yet, Johnny sued me. I have not been able to fulfill those obligations, yes.”

CAMILLE: “You had all of the 7 million for 13 months before mr Depp sued you and you chose not to pay it to the charities you pledged it too. Is that correct?”

AMBER: “I disagree with your characterization of that.”

Summary: You said you’ll pay this money yet you did not still pay this money, and you disagree with the characterization of that?

On Friday, I’ll hit the Hermes store and give them 100 bucks for a bag, and when they say that’s not enough money for a Hermes bag, I’ll tell them: “I don’t agree with your characterization of that”, and walk out with the bag.

Example 6 (Cabinets)

CAMILLE: “You heard former TMZ employee Morgan Tremaine say the TMZ owns the copyright to the cabinet video, correct?”

AMBER: “That’s news to me.”

CAMILLE: “The cabinet video you filmed of your then husband, yes?”

AMBER: “The copyright ownership of that is news to me, I learned that yesterday.”

CAMILLE: “It’s a cabinet video YOU captured, of your then husband.”

AMBER: “That’s correct, I did capture that video.”

CAMILLE: “The same cabinet video that was released the night before you were deposed in your divorce.”

AMBER: “The video did not come from me.”

CAMILLE: “You edited out the portions that made you look bad before sending it to TMZ.”

AMBER: “You are very wrong about that. If I wanted to leak information I could have done it in a more effective way, a lot sooner, and a lot more, I was living with a mountain of this evidence, if I wanted to leak it I could have done a lot more with it.

CAMILLE: “I thought you testified earlier in this courtroom you did not know how to leak things?”

AMBER: “I dont.”

CAMILLE: “Right.”

AMBER: “You are very wrong.”

Summary: How does a video tapped by YOU get anywhere unless YOU give it to someone? “You are very wrong.”

Example 7 (Wine on the floor)

CAMILLE: “Ms Heard I’d like to show you defendants exhibit 512, which is already in evidence. You’ve seen this photograph before, right?”

AMBER: “I have.”

CAMILLE: “On the second day of your direct testimony, you testified that this was taken in the downstairs of the main apartment on Dec 15th, 2015, do you recall that testimony?”

AMBER: “Yes, I believe so.”

CAMILLE: “So its your testimony that the defendants exhibit 512 reflects damage to Penthouse 5 that occurred on during the December 15th, 2015 indecent, yes?”

AMBER: “I’m not quite sure from what incident this is when I see this photo in a vacuum without context.”

CAMILLE: “Let’s give you that context. Can we please have day 16 trial testimony? Could you please first turn to page 4585? And do you see that you testified that the defendants exhibit 512, which is on the screen is a picture of the downstairs of the main apartment?”

AMBER: “That’s correct.”

CAMILLE: “And the main apartment is the Penthouse 5 in the Eastern Columbia building, right?”

AMBER: “No the, well, depends what the….the main apartment is Penthouse 3.”

CAMILLE: “All right, so its your testimony that the exhibit 512 reflects damage to the Penthouse 5 that occurred during the Dec 15th, 2015 incident?”

AMBER: “I’m just not sure from which incident this picture is a picture of since I’m only looking at a partial floor.”

CAMILLE: “Even though YOUR council was asking YOU questions abut Dec 15th, 2015 and admitted this picture into evidence in relation to that incident?”

AMBER: “Sorry, go ahead what was that?”

CAMILLE: “This exhibit, defendants exhibit, YOU ARE THE DEFENDANT, number 512, was admitted into evidence in this court, you testified that this was the result of the damage that occurred on Dec 15th, 2015, yes or no?

AMBER: “I just need to orient myself. Because I’m just looking at the picture of a partial floor.”

CAMILLE: “No, you did not just look at the picture, you looked at your testimony.”

AMBER: “I…you, you pointed me to a page and then asked me a question, I haven’t actually reviewed it. I don’t know if that was submitted in relation to that incident.

CAMILLE: “Let’s pull out defendants exhibit 725, which is already In evidence.

On the third day of your direct testimony you testified that this photograph reflected spilled vine on Penthouse 5 on May 21st 2016, didn’t you?”

AMBER: “Again, I don’t know, because I’m just looking at a partial picture of a floor, so unless you remove the metadata you’ve covered up then we can tell.”

CAMILLE: “Lets look at your direct testimony from a third day, turn to page 4750.”

AMBER: “Sorry can you repeat that?”

CAMILLE: “4750.”

AMBER: (turning and turning pages for a whole century)

CAMILLE: “Do you see your testimony is reflecting May 21st, 2016? You see that you testified that the exhibit 715 which is on the right side reflects spilled wine on the in Penthouse 5, and 512 and 725 seem to be a different versions or the same picture, don’t they?”

AMBER: “That’s correct.”

CAMILLE: “So which is it? Which one was taken on Dec 15th, 2015 or May 21st 2016?”

AMBER: “If you remove redacted metadata you can find out, its right there.”

CAMILLE : “Or if you’re telling the truth, you would know.”

AMBER: “Recognize the spilled vine on the floor and I’m suppose to know on the top of my head, I don’t think so, that’s not how that works.”

Summary: I submitted the same image claiming it’s two different incidents and when asked to clarify which image belongs to which date/incident I really can not remember just looking at a partial floor pic I mean how would I know what’s what only looking at the floor of a pic I TOOK to submit to the court? I don’t think so, that’s not how it works!

This one gets me hard.

The audacity, the cockiness with which you are talking to a lawyer that just proved to the world how full of shit you are, the way you’re trying to avoid questions about evidence you, yourself submitted to the court, blatantly and aggressively repeating you’re not supposed to know these incidents on top of your head; sis, if you were actually abused, you would not only know these incidents on the top of your head, but wouldn’t forget them in your next two lifetimes.

I keep trying to find the adequate words to explain the phenomenon of what Amber Heard is, and I can’t quite find the right ones. But Elliot Lee said it perfectly:

“Perhaps nothing is as striking as the brazenness with which Heard lies. It is truly astonishing.

To abuse language and logic this flagrantly while still believing that one will get away with it requires something pretty special: it requires for that assumption to have been proven accurate many, many times. And it is not hard to imagine that in Amber Heard’s life, it has been.”

And it has; just look into her life, she’s been at it, always.

Amber’s toxicity only came out in public now. She thought, because she’s a woman, she can just report him and be believed, without any actual proof or photos/videos of an actual injury. The person who took pictures and videos of everything does not in fact have any of her claimed injuries.

This woman filed a restraining order in 2016, it has been 6 years, yet every day she entered that courtroom looking broken, fragile, sad, and on the brink of tears, like her “abuse” is happening right now.

She played her femininity and female fragility to advance her public persona, to collect the sympathy votes, and to end him — that is the toxic femininity in its highest, purest form.

I posted a few stories on my Instagram about being puzzled with Amber’s attitude and statements after the verdict and I got a message from one woman telling me my views on Amber “aren’t very feminist”.

I disagree with you, unnamed follower.

I think it’s actually the most feminist thing in the world, being able to treat people equally and not take sides based on your own sex, your own feelings, or opinions about someone. Taking a side of a woman, just because you are one, regardless of facts staring you in the face, I think it’s the exact opposite of feminism.

Getting to the bottom of the truth should be a common goal.

What Amber Heard showed in this trial and in her life is just being a shitty human being, regardless of her sex. Women are not morally superior, just because they are women.

Amber found someone that fell for her, and antagonized him for who knows what reasons; jealous of his status, career, or publicity, and instead of realizing the relationship is toxic and leaving. There are numerous accounts and proof of him trying to move from the situation, marriage, room, house, her proximity, and her constantly trying to pull him back to antagonize him. Insult him. Belittle him. Put him down.

Why constantly tell someone he’s old and washed up? Couldn’t you just leave him if you felt that way?

The sad part is, in a smaller form than Amber, and I see it weekly around me, there are so many people in this world that are refusing to deal with their own issues and are choosing to abuse and belittle others instead, to avoid themselves.

The most demoralizing thing about Amber is that she will, in no time, start dating someone cool and famous again.

It’s discouraging, how many men like and chose problematic women, then complain about how insane they are, only to constantly bypass normal, stable, chill women while choosing, again and again, the ones that make a mess out of their lives.

You know how you can recognize those men? When Johnny won in court, they all posted tons of victory pictures of Johnny. It’s ok to show support in a very casual way, but there are some men that posted pics and articles about Johnny’s win with the same vigor they post about their sports team winning medals.

These men literally just told you a tale about themselves, and I’ll translate it for you: I don’t see women as species to protect and nourish, I see them as bitches trying to ruin my life whereas I exclusively and only pick the ones that do.

It’s a vicious cycle with these men. Avoid them, and thank me in 5–6 years.

A girlfriend told me a few days ago, “her pussy must be fucking unbelievably good” for all this trouble and all these men.

I have no smart ending here, I just wanted to end with pussy unbelievably good, since I feel Amber literally owes me, not pussy but maybe something since I just wrote 7,534 words on her fuckery.

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Making sense of the world, one article at a time. Connoisseur of human folly. Mostly my own. Elsewhere /

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Miranda Vidak

Miranda Vidak

Making sense of the world, one article at a time. Connoisseur of human folly. Mostly my own. Elsewhere /